Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing (AM) represents a transformational process that is evolving at an exponential rate.  While AM promises greater efficiency, those gains are lost through rejected parts and wasted material.  GENOA 3DP Simulation can address these problems by allowing engineers to:

  • Utilize a detailed material model that corresponds to actual test data
  • Address thermoplastics, thermosets, and powder metal
  • Incorporate the effects of defects, manufacturing anomalies, and environmental conditions
  • Consider uncertainty and scatter
  • Model AM process parameters
  • Utilize weighting methodologies and sensitivity analysis
  • Identify material and process parameters that impact the build
  • Optimize the build to reduce defects
  • Eliminate fabrication trial and error
  • Reduce scrap rate - saving time and money

Products Used for This Application


GENOA 3DP is an additive manufacturing design tool and software suite that simulates the 3D printing process to accurately determine voids, delamination, manufacturing anomalies and other irregularities and inefficiencies from micro to macro scales.