Certification by Analysis Supported Test

Planning for certification of an aircraft part or assembly can be a long and challenging engagement which requires a team of experts, each with a depth of knowledge in scientific disciplines & methodologies needed to design & build an aircraft worthy of certification by FAA, or other aviation regulations i.e. EASA & CAAC. More & more aircraft manufacturers are looking for cost saving measures in any way possible with a steadfast goal to obtain FAA type certification while maintaining the integrity of their product lines and most importantly the trust of the consumers to make their travels carefree and enjoyable. Virtual Testing technologies Offered by AlphaSTAR along with its team of experts can play a tremendous role in these objectives.

AlphaSTAR provides expert assistance in the certification plan development of FAA Part 23 or Part 25 airframe of a new or modified aircraft or its components. AlphaSTAR can address all regulatory requirements of the primary and secondary structure of the aircraft as well as structural issues of other systems such as hydraulic line fatigue.  More significantly, AlphaSTAR understands the certification process and the complex interrelations of a Project Specific Certification Plan (PSCP).  For that reason, AlphaSTAR provides support throughout the development of the aircraft, to ensure type certification.

AlphaSTAR has a skilled workforce including numerous Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) and experienced Designated Engineering Representatives (DER). The multi-disciplinary team has the necessary knowledge and expertise to develop a cost effective PSCP that meets the customer’s delivery schedule and budget. AlphaSTAR follows the FAA building-block approach and implements a timely blend of test and analysis to achieve certification.

AlphaSTAR understands that building-block tests and analyses need to be judiciously chosen so that the risk of failing full-scale component tests is extremely low. The AlphaSTAR team is recognized for its ability to identify high risk certification issues that are likely to receive intense scrutiny by regulatory agencies because they involve relatively new concepts, advanced material systems or other non standard systems/approaches.

Accordingly, AlphaSTARS’s key advantages are:

  • Subject Matter Experts familiar with FAA Part 23 or Part 25 airframe
  • Designated Engineering Representatives for various FAA part Specifications
  • Expertise in Advanced Material Structures & Systems
  • Expertise in Aerospace Engineering
  • Wide network of experts & associates with Vast aerospace manufacturing experience
  • FAA accepted Building Block Analysis approach as means for Virtual Testing in support of Certification process
  • Test-Capable Organization

Products Used for This Application


GENOA is a durability & damage tolerance, progressive failure, and reliability software that provides engineers with predictive computational technology to characterize and qualify advanced composite materials and structures.