Material Modeling

Material scientists recognize the fundamental importance of accurately capturing and quantifying material behavior in order to produce reliable results for structural analysis. Here, knowledge of the fibers, matrix, interface, interphase and manufacturing process is critical to understanding composite material behavior.

Accordingly, AlphaSTAR has made material characterization the basis of its structural analysis capability. Using MCQ, engineers are able to:

  • Model full breadth of 2D/3D composite architectures
  • Determine laminate properties such as Young’s Modulus
  • Determines lamina/laminate limit loads, stresses, and strain
  • Supports multiple failure criteria (including user defined)
  • Supports anisotropic matrix
  • Rapid assessment of properties
  • Reduction in testing with cost savings
  • Validated material library
  • Strength allowable for reliability
  • Identification of damage initiation/propagation to failure
  • Identification damage/failure modes

Products Used for This Application