Structural Health Monitoring

Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) is an established science which seeks to monitor and detect events due to service and environmental loads that may damage and degrade behavior of aerospace, civil and mechanical engineering infrastructure.  SHM utilizes sensing technology, software and hardware to capture, transmit and post process real-time sensor data. Specifically, engineers seek a combined diagnostic-prognostic capability to recognize damage and assess residual life.In response to growing need, AlphaSTAR Corporation is developing tools that are aimed for integration into our Active-Passive SHM using GENOA multi-scale progressive failure analysis toolset.

Under a consulting engagement with AlphaSTAR, engineers will be able to:

  • Utilize sensor data based diagnostics and multi-scale progressive finite element based prognostic to detect various loading events and damages
  • Integrate multiple sensors, including PZT, strain gauge, vibrometers, acceleraometer and thermo couple to detect impact, buckling and overload events
  • Detect events by hardware
  • Interpret and post-processes data to assess damage and life prediction
  • Exploit
    • Graphic User Interface (GUI) platform to import FE models, assign sensor locations; sensor type and post process the sensor signals for impact localization prediction, buckling event, over load event and over all damage footprint.
    • Diagnostic hardware for event detection
    • Prognostic Software tool to virtually analyze the state of the structural component and advise where, when and why part failed and percent contribution of failure mechanisms