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Finite element simulation of a 3D printed car (Print Version of the video, no Animation)

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  • AlphaSTAR partners with ORNL
    to showcase simulation of 3D-printed car at
    the 2015 Detroit Auto Show



"I began using GENOA-MCQ for modeling unit cell representative volume elements with ellipsoidal shape particles that need to be sub-structured into constituent parts. I will be using MCQ to model the interior of the ellipsoidal particle recursively to determine the overall properties of its core combined with the interior matrix and outer interface to constitute the properties of the ellipsoidal composite particle. The combination of the composite particle and its surrounding matrix define the local finite element properties of the particulate composite. The versatility of the MCQ software seems to be only limited by the users imagination. MCQ is a truly outstanding modeling tool for both particulate and also continuous fiber composites that may include a particulate composite matrix."
- Prof. Levon Minnetyan, Clarkson University, USA