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AlphaSTAR Clients Include:


AlphaSTAR Headquarters in Long Beach, California USA

AlphaSTAR is a leading global provider of physics based simulation technologies and services for structural modeling and analysis of advanced materials. Since its inception in 1989, AlphaSTAR has focused on composite structures, and related innovative research that helped industry and government agencies overcome critical challenges with complex composite structural systems. Although most projects are highly confidential in nature, examples of published accomplishments include:

  • Space Shuttle Re-Entry Accident Investigation - Analysis of Coupled aerodynamic, thermal, material and structural loads and their validation against thermocouple flight data
  • Space Shuttle Return To Flight - Assessment of Foam Fracture Toughness Under Applicable Environmental Conditions and the Redesign of Tank
  • Composite Overwrapped Pressure Vessels (COPV) - Determination of failure Location, Burst Pressure, Stress Rupture, Leakage, Wrinkling and Delamination Evolution (Initiation and Growth)
  • Bird Strike - Soft-Body Impact and Design for Residual Strength and Safe Landing
  • Crashworthiness of Structures - Energy Absorption Capability Under Impact and Crush
  • Wind Energy Blade - Proof Load Test Requirements and Elimination of Catastrophic Crack Growth

Unlike academic research entities, engineering services companies, or FEA software companies, AlphaSTAR has available all three disciplines to provide a complete solution. AlphaSTAR has provided advanced material research for the DOD and aerospace sector for 20 plus years. These efforts have resulted in hundreds of man-years of software development, hundreds of man-years of design experience, and thousands of hours of virtual simulation testing. When added together, the advanced material intellectual property within AlphaSTAR and our affiliate resource network is unsurpassed throughout the world.

Our core simulation software, GENOA, augments our customer's current commercial tool set (NASTRAN, ABAQUS, ANSYS) and extends their capabilities to multi-scale and micro-mechanics analysis. This enhanced simulation capability allows determination of failure, failure modes, strength, life, and safety of structures, thereby enabling engineers to assess where, when, why, and how to remedy failure.

For our customers that have major design projects underway, AlphaSTAR provides risk assessment services that help them identify potential problems early in the product development cycle. Our service includes an "industry verified risk mitigation approach and strategy" targeted to improve probability of on-time product development and certification. Customers preparing for regulatory certification are leveraging AlphaSTAR's services to shorten certification time and lower costs. For example, in collaboration with the FAA and the NIAR, AlphaSTAR, has successfully leveraged GENOA to accelerate aircraft certification. Other services include robust design, analysis, testing, and material qualification.

As the use of composite and advanced materials explodes throughout discrete manufacturing, AlphaSTAR's experience, methodology, and software provide our customers a powerful advantage throughout their development and testing cycles. We are a woman-owned corporation headquartered in Long Beach, California, with customers and partners throughout the world.

Awards & Recognition

  • Alpha STAR Corporation is a recipient of a 2004 NASA Group Achievement Award for Space Shuttle Columbia Accident Investigation - Aerothermodynamics Team.
  • Winner of the prestigious TIBBETS Awards in 2001.
  • Awarded the Turning Goals into Reality Award in 2000.
  • GENOA software won the R&D 100 Award in 2000.
  • GENOA software received NASA's Software of the Year Honor in 1999.