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AlphaSTAR Clients Include:


Dr. Frank Abdi, Chief Scientist

Dr. Frank Abdi is the founder of AlphaSTAR Corporation, renowned aerospace scientist, and distinguished author. For over thirty years he has contributed leadership to solving advanced material challenges including the derivation and modification of theoretical equations, aero-elastic tailoring, optimization, advanced material design, fatigue, creep, fracture mechanics, and structural mechanics. At AlphaSTAR he has assembled a team of scientists and engineers that represent the world's leading repository of advanced material intellectual property and developed proprietary software to maximize the utilization of this vast knowledge base to provide computerized virtual testing capabilities.

Prior to AlphaSTAR, Dr. Abdi led Rockwell International's Advanced Program's Controlled Configured Vehicle Research organization. Key projects included the design and simulation of: NASP (X30), B1-B bird strike, Advanced Launch System (ALS), Boosted Penetrator, Swedish Fighter, Special Operation Aircraft (SOA), and the space shuttle redesign.

Dr. Abdi earned his B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from University of Michigan and his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from University of Southern California. He has published numerous journal papers and books in optimization, materials science and computational structur¬al analysis. Dr. Abdi continues to embrace academic partners and remains active in the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, AIAA (member of Optimiza¬tion Committee), AIAA (member of Adaptive Structure Committee), NASA Ames (Committee in Aircraft Conceptual Design), and SAE (member of RMS Committee).

Kay Matin, President

Ms. Matin serves the company as President and Chief Operating Officer. She has provided Alpha STAR's operational leadership since 1990. During her tenure, the company has evolved from an advanced material research entity to a leading provider of software and engineering consulting solutions for the global aerospace, automotive, department of defense, and energy markets.

Under Ms. Matin's direction, AlphaSTAR has expanded the GENOA customer base from the United States to Europe and Asia. To promote this expansion, she developed strategic relationships with partner's including AlphaSTAR's global OEM agreement with MSC Software. It was also her vision in 2009, to build on the company's success in governmental research projects to grow a commercial engineering services practice. This group has now expanded their customer base from North America to Asia. Internally, Ms. Matin has been responsible for growing the company's infrastructure including human resources, finance, contract administration, and corporate governance.

In addition to Ms. Matin's leadership contributions, as the major owner of AlphaSTAR, she brings the company the designation of a "woman-owned" corporation. She received her Bachelor of Science from California State University, Fullerton.

Dr. Anil K Mehta, Vice President Business Development

Anil is an established leader who brings to AlphaSTAR Corporation (ASC) over 30 + years of experience in CAE software business development. Prior to joining ASC, Anil served as SVP of Business Development at ESRD Inc. where he established in-direct sales distribution channel (Resellers) globally and doubled company's direct & indirect software revenue in the two year tenure. Prior to ESRD, Anil has led third party business and channel development, corporate marketing and partnerships, product management, automotive and aerospace business development teams at MSC.Software Corporation from 1995 to 2009, and before that Anil held the position of manager of CAE products at EDS UNIGRAPHICS (now Siemens PLM Software, Inc.). Anil has spent his entire career successfully in building and promoting computer aided engineering software products.

Anil holds Doctor of Science from Washington University in St. Louis, MS from South Dakota School of Mines and Technology in Rapid City; and BS in civil engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India.

Dr. Rashid Miraj, Director of Technical Operations

Dr. Miraj has been a practicing engineer for almost three decades and has worked in academia, civil infrastructure, automotive, aerospace and defense sectors. Surprisingly all activities have been on the cutting edge of technology, including ship design, real-time control, robotics, simulation, computational modeling, crash analysis, advanced composite design, and material characterization and testing. The common thread throughout has been the efficient utilization of materials and personnel to achieve optimal results on time and on budget. The resulting experience has allowed Dr. Miraj to appreciate the synergy of engineering and the business fundamentals that drive it. Accordingly, Dr. Miraj has developed an acute eye for opportunities both in the long term and short term through research, collaboration, and direct market sales, which has been supplemented by an innovative sense of marketing, outreach, branding, positioning and packaging. As a result, Dr. Miraj is best suited to merge technology with the bottom line for AlphaSTAR?s corporate growth and stability.

Dr. Miraj earned his B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Maryland, College Park. He has M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Columbia University in New York and a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from The George Washington University, Washington DC. He has authored numerous reports and publications and is active with outreach to universities and colleges.

Richard Sandfer, Corporate Financial Advisor & CPA

Mr. Sandfer began providing CPA support to AlphaSTAR in 2009 and subsequently was added to leadership team as their go-to financial advisor for strategic financial and corporate governance matters. In addition to his CPA credential, he brings to AlphaSTAR extensive partner and management experience with Arthur Andersen and KPMG.

Mr. Sandfer has served as acting CFO for Venture backed and middle market companies and has led development of new and existing companies with full P&L responsibility. His distinguished corporate finance career spans nearly 25 years, including mergers, acquisitions, debt and equity financing, and recapitalizations. He was a founder and Managing Partner of Falcon Ventures, a venture capital and investment banking firm based in Southern California.

Mr. Sandfer is currently a managing partner at Sandfer Fikert & Associates in Orange County, California. He earned his Master's and Bachelor's degrees from USC with honors.

Amir Mobayen, Board of Director

Mr. Mobayen is recognized as an industry leader in providing a growth focused sales and business development strategy to optimize profitability while building an energized and empowered organization. Mr. Mobayen brings years of Executive Management and precise mix of in theatre operational experience to ASC allowing for transfer of front line expertise, management skills and cultural barrier penetration allowing ASC's emerging business to take advantage of his relative experience and guidance. During his years as the Executive VP and board elected officer of MSC software Corporation, Mr. Mobayen directed a multimillion (dollar/euro) P&L through economic upswings and downturns while continuing to grow the EBITDA. His ability to establish a clear and actionable operating plan to align the sales and operational goals and best industry practices were monumentally effective in achieving the revenue goals. Mr. Mobayen played an integral role in the acquisition of MSC by a private equity firm, grew global revenue and entered new markets where timely penetration provided an incremental growth of another 4%. Prior to MSC, Mr. Mobayen held the position of EVP for Avnet, Inc. with a clear goal to expand and grow European sales & marketing through organic and acquisition strategies which he did with results surpassing set goals.

Mr. Mobayen holds a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering from California State University, Northridge.

Michael Walther, Chairman of the Board

Mr. Walther served as AlphaSTAR's chief strategy advisor since 2007 and was elected as Chairman of the Board in 2011. He has been instrumental in developing the company's long range growth strategy, capitalization plan, and key business development relationships.

Mr. Walther is currently Chairman of multiple emerging growth technology companies across the United States and has significant global experience in "C level" executive roles. His 20+ year senior officer experience spans public and private companies that have raised over $400m in private, public, and debt financing including tenure at XDimensional Technologies, Stamps.com (NASDAQ: STMP), Centor, and Artios.

Mr. Walther is the CEO of Walther Edge, a corporate board and executive management company based in South Carolina. He is an active member of the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) and received his Bachelor's degree from Texas A&M University - School of Commerce.