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AlphaSTAR Clients Include:



AlphaSTAR provides close technical support and design expertise to major commercial automotive manufacturers in areas of material characterization and qualification, design and analysis of pressure vessels including determination of leakage, delamination, and burst location and pressure; and crash and crush worthiness of frame structures. Other areas including design and analysis of chassis of large trucks made from steel and from composite materials.

Comparison between calculation and experiment for dynamic loading with [45/135/45/135/45]

Progressive fracture for dynamic loading with [45/135/45/135/45]

D. Abe, Y. Yuroshiyama, "Examination of Dynamic Bending Characteristics of a CFRP beam using progressive Fracture Model" Japan Society of Automotive Engineering (JSAE) Annual Congress (spring) 2008.


Similarly, AlphaSTAR provided analysis and modeling expertise for the US Army and SOCOM (Special Operations and Command) to reduce weight of military vehicles and improve durability and reliability. AlphaSTAR performed Value Added Value Engineering (VAVE) activities to identify and rank components that can be made with polymer composites or hybrid metal composites to reduce weight without compromising durability of the vehicle. AlphaSTAR assessed benefits in strength and weight from the use of nano particles in military vehicle applications.

AlphaSTAR devised a detailed and verified technology for incorporating advanced lightweight materials in military vehicle applications. Offering include:

  • Advanced software tools for durable & reliable composite design
  • Advanced carbon based nano-materials to improve structural properties
  • Advanced composite tooling and process technologies
  • Assembling a team of experts from commercial & military automotive fields
  • Develop conceptual designs, materials & processes for ranked components (VAVE)
  • Combining multiple final assembly components into a single component
  • Rapid prototyping through partners in manufacturing
  • Bolt design

Reducing the Part Count for Composite Truck Chassis Cross Bar

Damage (marked with red color) in Joint of Lower Control Arm Under fatigue Loading