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AlphaSTAR Clients Include:

United States Army

Web Based Health Monitoring of Composite Army Bridges

AlphaSTAR developed and validated a web-based hardware/software online Diagnostic Prognostic System (DPS) and Real-time Intelligent Repair for structural evaluation of the Composite Army bridge structures. It integrated three technologies: wireless sensing, remote data transmission of strain and deformation fields, and virtual testing. DPS provided means to monitor the health of the structure and identify risk and potential failure under service. The technology is applicable to infrastructure and other critical structures including those used in aerospace commercial and defense industries, ships and others.

Overview of Diagnostic Prognostic Repair System

[1] F. Abdi, R. Miraj, A. Mosallam, R. Dutton, "DIAGNOSTIC/PROGNOSTIC HELALTH MONITORING SYSTEM AND EVALUATION OF ARMY COMPOSITE BRIDGE", American Society Of Civil Engineers International Committee, Los Angeles Section, 5th International Engineering and Construction Conference (IECC'5), August 27-29, 2008.

Durability and Reliability of Army Vehicle Components

AlphaSTAR developed and demonstrated computational methods to predict the reliability of components of US Army ground vehicle structural components. It identified the concept for tools required to assess the reliability of military vehicle components. The reliability is evaluated in presence of single or multiple failure modes from fatigue, temperature, and material degradation resulting from corrosion and erosion. The computational approach takes into account variability (uncertainty) in material properties, manufacturing process, and usage history.

Pressure Vessels for Solid Rocket Motor Cases

AlphaSTAR used multi-scale progressive failure analysis methods for the analysis and design of pressure vessels for motor casing applications for the US Army. Filament wound composite over-wrapped tanks (COPV) were considered for the solid rockets motor cases. AlphaSTAR assessed the durability and damage tolerance of the COPV. The winding simulation calculated thickness and ply angle distributions and residual stresses resulting from the wrapping of the tanks. Durability evaluation predicted accurately micro-crack formation, delamination initiation and progression, failure modes and burst pressure.