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AlphaSTAR Clients Include:


  • Certification by Analysis: F. Abdi, J. Surdenas, D. Huang, G. Abumeri, M. Garg, N. Munir, J. Housner, R. Keshavanarayana. Computational Approach Toward Advanced Composite Material Qualification And Structural Certification, Springer Publisher, 2009.
  • Allowable Generation-Reduced Test : G. Abumeri, F. Abdi, K.S. Raju, J. Housner, R. Bohner and A. McCloskey, Cost Effective Computational Approach for Generation of Polymeric Composite Material Allowables for Reduced Testing. Book Chapter ISBN 978-953-7619-X-X published by INTECH, Feb-2011.
  • Optimization: T. Logan, F. Abdi, and J. S. Sobieski, Multilevel Optimization technique for Aircraft. Book Chapter 2 - Multidisciplinary Engineering System: Design and Optimization Techniques and Their Application. Volume 57, Academic Press Inc., 1993.
  • Design Uncertainty in Composites. Frank Abdi, Tina Castillo, Edward Shroyer. Risk Management of Composite Structure. Book Chapter 45, CRC Handbook, January 2005.
  • Residual Strength in Fire: A. Mossallam, F. Abdi, J. Qian, and R. Miraj, Residual Strength of Composite Army Bridges Exposed to Fire. Book Chapter. Third International Conference on Durability and Field Applications of Fiber reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composites For Construction (CDCC), 2007.

Journal Papers

  • Ceramic-EBC: Ali Abdul-Aziz, Frank Abdi, Ramakrishna T. Bhatt, Joseph E. Grady, Durability Modeling of Environmental Barrier Coating (EBC) Using Finite Element Based Progressive Failure Analysis, Journal of Ceramics Volume 2014, Article ID 874034, 10 pages. http://dx.doi.org/10.1155/2014/874034
  • Aircraft-Certification-Crack Initiation, Growth: Frank Abdi, Yibin Xue, Mohit Garg, Bob Farahmand, and Jerry Housner, Kamran Nikbin, "An Analysis Approach toward FAA Certification for Damage Tolerance of Aircraft Components", Royal Society Journal Jan 2014.
  • WWW-FEIII-Composite Failure Exercise: Christos C Chamis, Frank Abdi, Mohit Garg, Levon Minnetyan, Harsh Baid, Dade Huang, Jerry Housner, Farid Talagani, Micromechanics-based progressive failure analysis prediction for WWFE-III composite coupon test cases. Journal of Composite Materials Part A 47(20-21) 2695-2712, 2013: DOI: 10.1177/0021998313499478. jcm.sagepub.com
  • Meter Wind Blade OPTIM: Galib Abumeri and Frank Abdi, Joshua Paquette. DURABILITY AND RELIABILITY OF LARGE WIND TURBINE COMPOSITE BLADES. SAMPE Journal Nov/dec 2012, Vol 48, No 6 www.sampe.org.
  • Shuttle Accident Re-entry: Frank Abdi, Kevin Bowcutt, Cody Godines, Javid Bayandor, Collision provoked failure sequencing in space reentry vehicles, 6th MIT Sixth MIT Conference, Boston MA, June 2011, Computers and Structures 89 (2011) 930-939.
  • Certificatoin by Analysis Honeycomb Fuselage: Scott Leemans, Peter J Rohl, Dade Huang, Frank Abdi, Jonas Surdenas, Raju Keshavanarayana, Certification By Analysis: General Aviation Honeycomb Fuselage Panels. Sampe Journal, July/August 2010, Vol 46, No 4.
  • Nano Silicate Property Prediction/Test: Mohit Garg, Galib Abumeri, Frank Abdi, Material Properties Characterization for Multi-Scale Composites: Glass/Epoxy/Silica Nanopartcles. Journal of Material Evaluation, Vol 68, No 5. 2010.
  • A-B Base Allowable Reduced Test:: G. Abumeri, M. Garg, F. Abdi, A. McCloskey and R. Bohner, Validation of a Computational Approach for Composite Material Allowables Using Sealed Envelope Predictions for Reduced Testing, Sampe Journal, September/October 2009.
  • NDT Effects of Defects: A. Abdul-Aziz, G. Abumeri, M. Garg, and P. G. Young, Structural Testing of a Nickel Based Super alloy Metal Foam Via NDT and Finite Element Analysis, Contract # C0671523. Material Evaluation, September 2008, Volume 66/Number 9, NDT Education.
  • Health Monitoring Composite Army Bridge: A. Mosallam, R. Miraj, F. Abdi, Diagnostic/Prognostic Health Monitoring System, and Evaluation of Composite Bridge, International Journal of Smart Structures and Systems, Vol 5 Number 4 July (2009)- 397-413, ISN 1738-1884.
  • Composite Fire: A. Mossallam, F. Abdi, J. Qian, Service Fire Resistance Simulation of Loaded Deck Sandwich Panel and Deck Bulk Head Assembly Structure. http://www.elsevier.com/copyright, Elsevier Journal Publication, 2007. 1359-836815, 2007.02.2002.
  • Metal FTD FCG: B. Farahmand and K. Nikbin (2007), Predicting Fracture and fatigue crack growth properties using tensile properties, J Eng Frac Mech: Accepted for publication. Vol 75, Issue 8, ISSN 0013-7944, May 2008.
  • NASS Push Off Test: Thomas S. Gates, Xiaofeng Su, Frank Abdi, Gregory M. Odegard, and Helen M. Herring, Facesheet Delamination of Composite Sandwich Materials at Cryogenic Temperatures, Journal of Composite Science and Technology, 2006.
  • Fatigue Cyclic Loading: Frank Abdi, Zhongyan Qian, Ayman Mosallam, Ramki Iyer, Jian-Juei Wang, Trent Logan, Composite army bridges under fatigue cyclic loading. Journal of Society of Infrastructure Engineering (SIE), Taylor and Francis Publications, Vol 2, No 1. March, 2006, 63-73.
  • Thermal Aging: G. Abumein, F. Abdi, Thermal Aging and Progressive Failure Fatigue Analysis. JEC 2006 Journal Publication.
  • Composite Impact: F. Abdi, Impact Damage Propagation In Composite Structures. JEC 2006 Journal Publication
  • Progressive Failure in Dynamic Simulations: F. Abdi, Q. Li, D. Huang and V. S. Sokolinsky, Progressive Failure Dynamic Analysis for Composite Structures. JEC 2006 Journal Publication.
  • Composite Fire: R. Miraj, Z. Qian, F. Abdi, Fire Resistance Simulation of Loaded Deck Sandwich Panel and Deck Bulkhead Assembly Structures. ONR 2006 Journal Publication.
  • Metal Probabilistic: Bob Farahmand, Frank Abdi, Probabilistic Fracture Toughness, Fatigue Crack Growth Estimation Resulting From Material Uncertainties, ASTM STP 1450, Probabilistic Aspect of Life Prediction, October, 2004.