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AlphaSTAR Clients Include:

Cloud Virtual Testing

Product Description

GENOA-Cloud and MCQ-Cloud are add-on packages that allows users to use GENOA/MCQ through the internet using a remote-client framework. GENOA/MCQ-Cloud allows GENOA/MCQ to be installed on a central server (requiring only one installed license with single or multiple job privileges) where multiple users may simultaneously login and perform analysis jobs.

The clients do not need to install GENOA/MCQ on their client workstation and only require a common internet web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) to access GENOA/MCQ. This may be helpful for environments where multiple GENOA/MCQ licenses may be difficult to install or for remote users wishing to access GENOA/MCQ from remote geographical regions. GENOA/MCQ-Cloud may be customized for an internal private corporate intranet or to the outside public internet.

Product Highlights

  • Allows GENOA/MCQ users/engineers to remote access a central server through an internet browser.
  • Ideal for customers to use GENOA/MCQ within their own intranet and for remote purposes.
  • Utilizes web server to monitor user logins and launch GENOA/MCQ GUI as Java applet through client browser.
  • Creates user accounts, monitors analysis jobs, and records logs of user logins and analysis runs.
  • Upload/Download files and models through web server interface.
  • Supports internet browser from any platform (Windows, Linux, Mac, UNIX, etc.) that supports Java & Java3D plug-in.
  • Includes Documentation and Step-by-Step Tutorial Example.
  • Cross-platform capability such as Windows client accessing Linux server, Linux client accessing Windows server, etc.
  • Supports Windows 2000/XP and Linux (32/64-bit) platforms for central Cloud server.