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Product Description

GENOA is an engineering material characterization, durability & damage tolerance (D&DT), and reliability software suite that augments the limitation of commercial Finite Element Analysis (FEA) packages by providing Multi-scale (Micro-macro) Progressive Failure Analysis (PFA) capability. Utilizing advanced failure mechanisms (matrix, fiber, lamina, laminate, Honeycomb sandwich) It can investigate structural responses to material degradation from damage induced by static, cyclic (low and high cycle fatigue, 2 staged), impact, Power Spectrum Density (PSD) and thermal loading. GENOA's PFA also accounts for the effects of manufacturing flaws (shape, size), fiber waviness, residual stresses, moisture and temperature.

A wide range of material systems can be handled, including metals, ceramics, and composites, and nano composite. The latter include Polymer Matrix Composites (PMC) and Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC). GENOA is unique in that it can analyze not only traditional 2-D tape and fabric laminate layups, but also 3-D weaves, braids, and chopped fiber.

Product Highlights

Equivalent Material Properties of Metallic, Polymer and Ceramic Composites

GENOA determines material strength, moduli, moisture, thermal, and heat conductivity properties. Degradation of material properties to environmental (moisture, thermal), and manufacturing (defects, residual strains) is included.

Durability & Damage Tolerance

GENOA evaluates the material/structural response, including: life cycle, degradation of material properties due to initiation, location of failure, and growth of damage under in-service operations and environments (static, dynamic, thermal, creep, impact, and low/high/random frequency cyclic fatigue). GENOA identifies the percent contribution of various possible composite failure modes. GENOA predicts the inspection interval, incipient damage locations, and margin of safety.


GENOA accounts for minimum defect occurrences (i.e. voids (shape, size), buckling, wrinkling), fiber jamming, and fiber volume fraction. It can handle precision manufacturing, smart materials and processes, and smart structures. GENOA can determine the best fit to a shape as well as optimum aeroelastic fiber angle orientations.

Virtual Testing Tool

GENOA virtually duplicates the experimental testing process. It can computationally replicate photoelasticity, far field strains, material fracture parameters, strain gage readings, and margin of safety calculations.

Probabilistic Failure Analysis

GENOA's Probabilistic Failure Analysis: Identifies progressive damage parameters and their sensitivity; Evaluates the uncertainty of material strength to material parameters; Determines sensitivities of failure modes to design parameters to facilitate targeting design parameter changes that will be most effective in reducing probability of a given failure mode from occurring, and: calculates the probability of failure.