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Product Description

Material Characterization and Qualification (MCQ) provides users an accurate advanced composite analysis tool that can be easily accessed through our user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI). MCQ is designed to characterize and qualify material properties that can be used as input for finite element analysis for simple or complex structural components. The methodology depends on well accepted Classical Laminate Theory (CLT) and micromechanics. This allows the user to almost instantly generate vast amount of information for the material of interest, whether it be a composite, hybrid, metallic or ceramic material system.

Product Highlights

  • Tape/Braid/fabrics (material selection and Analysts)
    • No detailed FE models required
    • May require braid angle information from micro-graphs for the Braid and fabrics
  • Laminate A- & B-Basis Allowables (for material certification and qualification)
    • Potential to save 40 to 60% coupon testing
    • May require input from ASTM standard Unidirectional laminate test data (ply properties)
  • Reverse Engineer unknown values (ply/fiber/matrix) using in-plane ply properties (FE Analysts)
    • Predict effective constituent (fiber and matrix) modulus, Poisson's ratio and strength properties from ply properties.
    • Additional information such as fiber and void volume ratio is required as input. Also fiber modulus available from vendor is required as input.
  • Account for material nonlinearity for improved accuracy (FE Analysts)
    • Predicts effective matrix nonlinearity that results in laminate level nonlinearity from in-plane shear and transverse compression ASTM standard tests.
    • Requires full stress-strain data from tests for in-plane shear and transverse compression and tension.
  • Parametric carpet plot (Designers and material selection)
    • Generates laminate material properties plot as a function of angled ply distribution through-the-thickness.
    • Requires limited test data for validation for couple of laminates
  • Sandwich Material properties (FE Analysts)
    • Predicts material properties for sandwich materials (foam + composites, honeycomb + composites, composites + metals [GLARE, CentrAl], etc)
    • Requires basic ASTM standard coupon testing for individual constituent. Note that composite can be at ply level, metal from MMPDS/Mil-HDBK 5H, foam/Honeycomb from literature/vendor.
  • Generate input (unknown material properties) for other well known FE solvers (MD NASTRAN, NEi NASTRAN, ABAQUS, LS-DYNA, ANSYS, Fire Hole, ESAComp and others) (FE Analysts and designers)
    • In-Situ Fiber/matrix properties. Fiber is assumed to be transversely isotropic or isotropic and matrix as isotropic.
    • Predicts apparent out-of-plane properties for the fiber and ply using only in-plane ply test data.
    • Need Ply test data as input.
  • 14 Test Validation Cases
    • Several different material systems ranging from low modulus low strength matrix and fiber to high modulus and high strength fibers.
    • Includes test data with documentation and references

To learn more about MCQ, please visit the official product website at www.materialmodeling.com