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AlphaSTAR Clients Include:

Risk Assessment

Managing the risk of deploying innovative technologies is a critical component of successful product development. This is especially true in Aerospace applications. As a program progresses through various stages of the product development cycle the cost of correcting unexpected risks grows significantly. This is exacerbated by the fact that flexibility to implement changes rapidly diminishes because of the implications that change will have on all interrelated elements of the product.

AlphaSTAR Risk Assessment services specifically examine:
  • Risks Associated with Material Qualification
  • Risks Introduced by Overreliance on Physical Testing
  • Risks Related to Probability of On-Time Certification
  • Deficiencies in of End-of-Life Failure Prediction
  • Impact of Identified Risks on Cost/Schedule

Our Assessment Methodology couples extensive industry experience with advanced analytical capabilities to rigorously:

  • Identify and document assumptions and uncertainties
  • Understand limitations of applied methodology and quantify the associated risk early in the product development life cycle
    • Time & Cost of Material Qualification
    • Overreliance on Physical Testing
    • Material Degradation & End-of-Life Failure
  • Assess the impact of identified risks to FAA certification

For discovered risks, AlphaSTAR develop concrete mitigation strategies that are rooted in established precedence and verified for the identified issues. Our forward risk assessment report provides product development teams the means to address areas where additional risk mitigation measures might be justified or necessary based on cost-benefit criteria.

Our methodology involves interaction with key stakeholders in product development team to understand and document the current state of organizational structure, development plans, and technical competencies. A formal process for validating the current state documentation (including current plans for enhancement) is performed to both confirm its accuracy and completeness. AlphaSTAR will then employ a set of proprietary "filters" to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the program.

The result of this filtering process is the identification of areas of potential risk, quantification of their impact, and evaluation of potential benefits of the recommended mitigation strategies. The primary objective of the proposed mitigation options will be to overcome the identified risks while minimizing program disruption:

  • Quantify Impact on Cost and Schedule
  • Identify Implications for On-Time Certification
  • Develop and Prioritize Mitigation Strategies Based on Cost-Benefit Trade-offs
  • Minimize Setback to Program Schedule
  • Provide independent second opinion

We deliver objective evaluation of risk in which assumptions and uncertainties are clearly considered. Our process-orientated approach has been proven with global aerospace companies and reference clients to whom AlphaSTAR has successfully delivered its risk mitigation services.