Services and Trainings

AlphaSTAR takes pride in tackling Industry’s most complex problems.  Our team of innovative engineers and scientists are able to provide Customers with solutions to overcome their current challenges. Throughout the process, our goal is to transfer technology to the end user while delivering answers for each critical application. AlphaSTAR services, technology & subject matter expertise are ideally placed to address the most advanced engineering issues facing our customers today e.g.:

  • Assessment of Defects and Effects of Defects on manufactured  structures
  • Crush & Crashworthiness
  • Impact scenarios and survivability
  • Material Modeling
  • Material Characterization & Qualification for use
  • Material Test Planning Process (Test Plans to meet authorities requirements)
  • AA Certification by Analysis supported by test
  • Bird Strike or Foreign Object Damage
  • Additive Manufacturing Simulation
  • As-Built AM parts subject to service loading
  • D&DT /Residual Life
  • Filament Winding of composite overwrapped pressure vessels (COPV)
  • Lightweighting
  • Topology Optimization
  • A basis and -B basis allowable generation
  • R&D Services for Active/Passive Structural Health Monitoring