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GENOA 3DP Simulation is an additive manufacturing design tool and software suite that simulates the 3D printing process to accurately predict the deflection, residual stress, damage initiation.

GENOA’s ability to assess damage and fracture initiation and evolution, integrate the damage and fracture mechanics, and determine percent damage contribution makes it a unique tool for advanced structural design.

MCQ material modeling software provides engineers with advanced analytic tools to characterize and qualify material properties as input for finite element analysis. MCQ discerns between as-designed, as-built, and as-is material .

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*Solution Provided by GENOA using Abaqus 

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Bangalore, India

“By using the GENOA Multi-Scale PFA software,
we were able to gain valuable insight into damage
and fatigue tolerance of the rotor craft. ”

Dr. R. Vijaya Kumar

“Alpha STAR's GENOA and MCQ have given us the edge in safely designing ceramic hot engine components subject to engine environments. ”

– Sung R.Choi

Solvay Composite Materials

"With MCQ and GENOA, users have the freedom to use a reverse engineering approach to make material modeling decisions based on application usage and without anticipating the need to have raw data from material suppliers. The simplicity in calibration and ability to predict test results accurately without having to rely on part testing has never been so easy.”

-Bob Jovas


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